Ánimo Cowork

Animo creates flexible workspaces. Our spaces are designed to be inspiring working environments and provide the comfort, technology and service you need to get things done. Located in the heart of Tulum’s vibrant downtown area, Animo Cowork is steps away from dining hotspots, boutique hotels and great nightlife.

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Our services

  • Design

    Well designed functional workspaces with all the tools that you need to be productive. A stimulating and creative environment.

  • Technology

    Excellent internet at all times, with a backup connection and backup power. High-speed and reliable. A top class presentation and meeting room. An app simplifying your day to day with us; whether you’re booking a meeting room or need support from our Team. Our technology helps create a seamless everyday experience.

  • Experience

    You won’t always notice us but we’re always there for you; making sure you have everything you expect.

  • Flexibility

    No hidden costs or overcomplicated contracts. Options to pay by hour, day, week or month. Accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Whether you’re planning your own office in Tulum or want to work during a short holiday, we’re here to help you make it happen.

Our plans

Our additional products and services

  • Fridge
    • Can of Beer

      Enjoy our cold drinks!

    • Can of Coca Cola

      Enjoy our cold drinks!

    • Can of Coca Cola Light

      Enjoy our cold drinks!

    • Can of Red Bull

      Enjoy our cold drinks!

    • Can of Red Bull Light

      Enjoy our cold drinks!

    • Can of Sprite

      Enjoy our cold drinks!

    • Electrolit

      Enjoy our cold drinks!

    • Glas of Wine

      Enjoy our cold drinks!

    • Juice

      Enjoy our cold drinks!

    • Yogurt

      Enjoy our yogurt!

  • Peripherals for a day
    • Headphones

      Use one of our headphones for a day.

    • Keyboard and Mouse

      Use one of our keyboards and mouses for a day.

    • Peripherals package

      Use our peripherals package with a screen, keyboard, mouse, webcam and headphones for a day.

    • Screen

      Use one of our 27 inch screens for a day.

    • Webcam

      Use on of our full HD webcams for a day.

Prices are inclusive of tax